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FOX Business
Dec 22, 2012 1:00am EST
are in poor countries this former in the philippines asks for to under dollars to buy fertilizer for her farm this woman asks for a loan to expand hurt business to sell bags assault it sounds nice who keeps track of the money? how do i know would goes to those people? will lie get paid ba? the founder joined us from san francisco. had rino which cannot get scammed? >> we spend our me making sure the loans on the website are legitimate. we do it through three methods. we find local field partners to make sure their legitimate organizations they are the business plans of the men and women. a farmer inhe philippines trying to buy a cow for a dairy business they getn the website from the local field partner. then there audited to make sure it is true. if not, then we shut them down. as you get to repaid you know, the business has earned enough money to pay you back. then you can withdraw the money back or landed to another entreprenuership. john: looking at the distance i would assume most do not get paid back? >> over the last seven years repayment is an 98%? that is hard to believe. why? >> th
Dec 22, 2012 12:30am PST
in the philippines. >> after spending years on tour with michael, this member of the jackson family is now homeless. >> nope, it ain't latoya. >> have you guys seen the video of george reading "50 shades of grey"? i think you would get turned on if you read "50 shades of grey." >> i got turned on by george reading it. >>> coming to you coast to coast from new york, the rickey smiley show, atlanta and beyond. dish about to hit the fan. >>> well, everybody over here in america and a lot of other countries have what we call i guess justin bieber fever. not so much in the philippines. they're proposing a nationwide ban of justin bieber if he doesn't apologize to manny pacqa pacqaoi. after his defeat on december 8th, he actually put some inis a gram pictures up mocking pacqaoi lost. they should just feel like he should issue a formal apology. >> they need to ban everybody on twitter and instagram because there is a whole bunch of mockery. >> that's what i mean. >> you see the way justin bieber posted like simba like shaking manny pacqaoi? that's what got him all riled up. >> everybody's doing it. you ju
Dec 22, 2012 2:00pm EST
and partners such as singapore and the philippines and expanding our dialogue in exchanges with china. we are also an handed our presence and capabilities in the region. that includes -- expanding our presence and capabilities in the region. that includes allocating our naval fleet to have a 60/40 split between the pacific and atlantic oceans, increasing army and marine presence in the region. locating our most advanced aircraft in the pacific, including new deployments of f- 22's and the mv22's to japan. and lay the groundwork for the first overseas deployment of the f-35 joint strike fighter. the third element of our strategy is that as we do force projection in the asia-pacific and middle east, we still have to maintain our global leadership and presence by building innovative partnerships and partner capacity across the globe and using these innovative rotational deployment as a way to do exercises and training with other countries, developing their capabilities so they can provide for their own security. in latin america, africa, europe, and elsewhere. the past decade of war has rein
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)